About me
My family history and traditions have brought me through four generations
of seamstresses, and since watching my Mother and Grandmother sew when
I was a small child, I’ve now been sewing professionally for 35 years
and have a European degree of qualification in this work.
My home now is on the island of Tasmania.
Since moving here I’ve set up my work studio and it is situated in a lushly
green, leafy garden, is full of wild and exotic birds, and has a panoramic
view of a valley and eastern mountains.
The air here is always crisp, clean, refreshing, and infused with birdsong,
so perhaps because of these idyllic surroundings, my creative energies have
been enhanced since being in Tasmania.


. . .
Sincerely Yours,
Anna Zimmermann, Costumes & Designs by Anna.

. . .

...We live in an imperfect world so, for me at least, being able to escape from the mundane realities of this life is what enables me to cope with the often boring and repetitious predictabilities of it. To be absorbed into one’s own imagination for awhile can give rise to previously unknown worldly dimensions of wonder, fascination, motivation, beauty, truth, and ultimately, contentment with much of what everyday life presents. To be without imaginative capacities my daily existence would be reduced to just one reality, the immediate, the ever present space and time around me, so to feed my adventurous and creative personality I need the inspirational thoughts that surface whenever I use my imagination...
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