A few years ago I sought out the services of Anna Zimmermann because I needed some clothes altered, but when I visited her studio I soon realised that her skills are much more than basic dressmaking. On display were some gorgeous gowns which she has made in recent times and the true beauty of them has to be seen to be believed.
Her finished styles are a feast for the eyes and each of them sent my imagination into a whirl as I viewed the spectacle of fabric, form and colour which surrounded me there. Obviously she is highly skilled in the creative art of dress design and construction and since my first meeting with Anna I’ve now worn several outfits created by her, all of which have been specially drafted, measured, cut and sewn by her to suit just me.
Those clothes possess a touch of magic because whenever I wear them I feel completely satisfied that they are just right for the occasion I’m at so, to me, Anna is a rare treasure as she seems to know exactly what I want to wear and she can bring that into being.
Thank you Anna for all the wonderful creative expertise you have shown me.

-Ms. Bella C.