Anna Zimmermann’s sign for her business may say that she is extremely talented, but what it doesn’t say and you can only discover through being lucky enough to be on her client list is that you have just had your sewing needs and wants preformed by the BEST in the business of alterations and design. There is no other way to describe what she does than say, I think she is part magician and part royalty. The magic that she whips up in her studio has to be seen to be believed. Anna is without exaggeration, the SEWING QUEEN!!
I was lucky enough to find Anna before word had spread too far about this extremely talented lady and as a result Anna has worked her magic on numerous designs and alterations I have had needed, or should I have said, wanted!
I think one of her strongest talents lies in the fact she is extremely honest and will tell you the truth in what will look good and enhance your style. You quickly discover she is not in this business for the money, but for her love of showcasing her creative style through fabric to the rest of the world.
I travel extensively and always love to shop in some of the iconic fashion cities. I have bought off the rack designs in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Venice, just to name a few and without hesitation had Anna alter, modify and perfect each and every piece. She not only turns them into a one off original, but she has the ability to make each item look like it had been tailored and designed exclusively  for me and my body shape. I constantly get asked where I buy my clothes and I tell people it’s not about where I buy them, it’s about who weaves their magic on them and makes me feel beautiful in them. I remember in particular 1 dress I brought in Paris that I loved the fabric and colour of, but not so much the style, as it looked like a sack on me and was the wrong length. I started to think I had wasted my money on it every time I tried it on.
Then 1 day I decided to take it to Anna and ask her opinion. Within minutes she had pinpointed what wasn’t flattering about the dress and had me pinned into a creation that once finished I wore to the Launceston Cup this year where I received numerous comments on how stunning my dress was.
The bottom line on what I’m trying to say here is I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have found this wonderful talented lady and even more blessed that she always fits me in to her frantic schedule now that word of mouth has made her the most sought after in her profession.

-Fiona Gillie-Parsons